River Falls, where nature meets urban!  Our community is perfectly nestled on the Northern end of the Palo Duro Canyon, with a one of a kind 500+ acre wildlife Refuge.

River Falls not only boasts elegant homes with unparalleled views,  but it also offers property owners the use of a 9 hole golf course, driving range, and stocked fish ponds!

With easy access to an Event Venue & Resort, Equestrian Center, and Airport, this picturesque post card setting will sweep you off your feet! 

Quick Fun Facts
  • River Falls is home to the Devil's Kitchen, which received its name because the rock formations provided a good surface for cooking on. When the smoke rose from the rocks, some residents felt it resembled the "devil's kitchen".
  • Aoudad sheep are native to North Africa and were brought to Texas and New Mexico after WWII. Texas is now home to more Aoudad sheep than their native land. 

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