What is the Approval Process?

1. Submit your plans 
Instructions for this are located under the "plan submmissions" tab

2. Once all documents are gathered the Property Manager will submit your request to the ACC via Smartwebs

3. The ACC has 15 days to issue a decision or request more information

4. Once approved, please ensure your permit invoice is paid and you pick up an "ACC Approved" sign from the office

How to I access my Smartwebs submission history?

Login to Smartwebs: https://resident.smartwebs.com/#/login?redirectUrl=%2Fdashboard

Submission history is located under the "Architectural" tab. If you need assistance creating a username and password, please contact Kristy Kelley, Property Manager, 806-731-0359 or [email protected]

What if my request is declined?

Option A: Submit a variance form with the reasoning for your request
Option B: Request a meeting with the ACC
Option C: Request a hearing with the Board of Directors

To request a meeting with the Board of Directors or ACC, please contact Skyler Kutsukos, Property Manager, for assistance. 
[email protected]